6 Days to Christmas πŸŽ…. 6th Reason to be Thankful.

6 Days to Christmas πŸŽ…. 6 Reasons to be thankful.

09:37 AM

An internalized discovery of Self is what Purpose means and the beginning of its fulfillment.
Over the years, the inclination towards Academics, its Research and application to solving societal problems – the Town and Gown nexus – has been my passion and this Purpose have been given expression in the words and encouragement of acquaintances, friends, colleagues and associates.
In the Spirit of the Christmas Season, I’m aligning my Purpose with the Birth of Christ that my Purpose speaks, births academic/professional excellence, scholarship, creates societal upliftment and produces a rewarding global recognition.

6th Reason to be thankful: Postgraduate Studies.
Upon completion of undergraduate studies, every Graduate’s dream is to hit the Industry and start making money. Mine wasn’t different especially having acquired professional caps in between undergrad studies, I just couldn’t wait to start making money and alleviate the burden of training my siblings off my wonderful parents.
And finally the opportunity to do a Postgraduate came and the best part of it was that it was fully paid for.
Dad Adegbeminiyi Abiodun Thomas , thanks Boss for been there as always. Delectable Mum-Aunt Feyi Adeyemi , I know I can always count on you Ma.
I appreciate the divine provision and I’m grateful for it. Thank you Daddy, let us do it again in 2017.

#ThanksBoss #6DaysToChristmas #FeelingGrateful


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